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Title:** Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks **Author: Brian Jepson & Ernest E. Rothman Publisher:** O’Reilly **Release Date: December 2003 List Price:** $24.95 **ISBN: 0596006071


With its rep for being the sort of machine that won’t intimidate even the most inexperienced users, what’s the appeal of the Mac� for hard-core geeks? The Mac has always been an efficient tool, pleasant to use and customize, and eminently hackable. But now with Mac OS� X’s BSD core, many a Unix� developer has found it irresistible. The latest version of Mac OS X, called Panther, makes it even easier for users to delve into the underlying Unix operating system.

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*A comprehensive guide to OSX’s ‘BSD subsystem’ including many of the OSX-specific items that are poorly documented elsewhere. Includes lots of information on integrating command line tools and languages with the Mac GUI.