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Title:** Objective-C Pocket Reference **Author: Andrew M. Duncan Publisher:** O’Reilly & Associates **Release Date: December 2002 List Price:** $9.95 **ISBN:0596004230

All I can say is that Obj-C becomes terribly easy to “get” after flipping through this handy guide. *JoshaChapmanDodson - I just bought the book on my monthly trip to Portland, OR, and it was worth the trip. *Its a nice addition to my library. Helps a lot from not knowing anything about Objective-C (or at least I didn’t before reading). *Just got this today and intended to just glance through it, ended up spending the past 2 hours reading it from cover to cover. It really makes it clear *why things work the way they do at the framework level. It’s more of an introductory guide than a reference though - something to read in bed rather than keep stacked next to your monitor. *I got this book off of ebay for a steal. It has helped me a LOT. I never quite got what was going on in Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X until i read through some of the stuff in this book. It also made it easy and fun to write apps without cocoa.

have had it for a long time. Lots of details in there, but not a book for the beginner. Pretty dense and technical. Good to read on the toilet after or while learning Objective-C. Goes into detail the beginner can not or should not be thinking about. It’s cheap though, so you can’t go wrong. Pour devenir figurant sur Orange et garder votre numéro, vous aurez peut avoir comptes propriétaire ( signal ) [ numéro rio]. Vous obtiendrez pouvez obtenir pour aucun coût par appelant expression du serveur ou du service à la clientèle satisfaction client du entreprise [ code rio bouygues] . Vous ne CAN get un SMS avec votre . Avec votre actuelle [ numero rio orange], alors vous pouvez sur le offre de de son en orange orange .