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I’m trying to build a framework with xCode.

everything works fine except when i’m building, the headers doesnt copy, whay do i have to do?

Add a copy files build phase to copy them over.

Mm, go down to the ‘targets’ group, expand your framework target, and select the ‘Copy Headers’ build phase. See how there’s now a ‘Role’ column in the main table? Mark as ‘public’ any headers you want to be copied over.


the problem now is:

I’ve added the framework to an application, but when i run the application i get this:

dyld: Library not loaded: /Users/me/Library/Frameworks/myFramework.framework/Versions/A/myFramework Referenced from: /Users/me/Desktop/Media/Applications/ Reason: image not found

when i look up /Users/me/Library/Frameworks/ it doesnt exists

You must build your framework specially if you intend to embed it in an application. See EmbeddingFrameworksInApplications .

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