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CCDAppKit contains some AppKit improvements for your enjoyment.


*NSBezierPathCategory *NSFileManagerCategory *NSMatrixCategory *NSMenuCategory *NSMenuItemCategory *NSTextViewCategory


Feel free to add more here.


Create CCDSearchField and CCDSearchFieldCell, based on CCDTextField and CCDTextFieldCell.

Taken from CCDMessageDistributer, I do think that it was presumptuous of me to use the CCD prefix for cocoadev. In fact thinking about it, that’s more likely to cause a namespace conflict than anything else. And who decides what goes under CCD?

I’ve sort of been thinking along the same lines. I’m not sure how it’s likely to cause a namespace conflict though. And I think everyone decides what goes under CCD, I have faith in the wiki process. If it doesn’t belong it’ll rot and I’m ok with that. Is that the right attitude to have?

The one thing that I (remain) concerned with is that we not unnecessarily fragment the code contributions of this wiki. I hope we will eventually wrap in code such as the CocoaDevUsersAdditions and such. There’s already some problem with this. Look at the bottom of CocoaOpen and try to figure out how it’s different from ObjectLibrary.

I don’t see why the “Components” section of CocoaOpen shouldn’t be in ObjectLibrary, if it’s not already. And some of the stuff in ObjectLibrary should be in CocoaOpen I bet. I think the purposes of the pages overlap in some cases is all.

Anyway, I think fragmentation could be avoided with a little reorganizing. I was actually thinking about mirroring the AppKit section of CocoaDevUsersAdditions here and the foundation section on (err..) CCDFoundation.

Any objections or volunteers?

It would be cooler if it wasn’t done manually but it’s a start. Should I do the same on CCDFoundation or should I create CCDFoundationKit?