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CCDTextField is similar to NSSearchField.

Want to do something similar to iChat’s input field? This is a good jumping off point. I’ll put up a screenshot when I get a chance unless someone else beats me to it.

Requires: CCDTextFieldCell and CCDPTextView

// CCDTextField.h #import <AppKit/AppKit.h> #import “CCDTextFieldCell.h” #import “CCDPTextView.h”

@interface CCDTextField : NSTextField { NSProgressIndicator *progressIndicator; NSTimer *progressTimer; }

// Use these to start/stop the progress animation, thanks.


// Feel free to expand this or link to related categories. @interface CCDTextField(CCDTextFieldAdditions)

// CCDTextField.m #import “CCDTextField.h”

@implementation CCDTextField


#pragma mark (CCDTextFieldAdditions) @implementation CCDTextField (CCDTextFieldAdditions)

11/21; The cell is highlighted and the action is sent in mouseUp instead of mouseDown:. This should be fixed to deal with different kinds of NSButtonCells - it’s no good for NSPopUpButtonCells, for instance. Suggestions or fixes?

11/25; Added the category to make inserting text easier. Getting the selectedRange requires posing as the field editor for some reason so CCDPTextView is required (unless you can find another way or want to rip it out).

11/29; Removed the conversation with myself and added the optional progress bar. Use [textfield startAnimation:nil]; to start the progress bar and [textfield stopAnimation:nil]; to stop it. Only tested with an indeterminate progress bar, you can fix the others, right?

Forgot [myCell setAlignment:[oldCell alignment]];, seriously, are there more? Removed the placeholder stuff since it was being drawn over anyway.

4/8; CCDImageCategory wasn’t needed, as described on its page.

Sorry to be a drag but … what is CCDTextField for? What does it do? The explanation “Want to do something similar to iChat’s input field?” doesn’t tell me what this is, does. – MikeTrent

It’s a text field that allows for the additions of buttons in the right and left portions of the field, such as a search field or the iChat text field with the smiley face button on the right of the field.

The explanation can be misleading for some, especially those looking for a DynamicallyResizingTextViewOrField, another behavior of iChat’s input field.

Does this also work with a subclass of NSSecureTextField. I tried this with other examples, but the icon never appeared :(