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The cell CCDTextField uses to get things done.

// CCDTextFieldCell.h #import <AppKit/AppKit.h> #import “CCDPTextView.h” #import “NSBezierPathCategory.h”

@interface CCDTextFieldCell : NSTextFieldCell { NSButtonCell *leftCell; NSButtonCell *rightCell;

    NSColor *labelColor;

    NSImage *scratch;
    BOOL isAnimating; }

// modeled after NSSearchFieldCell

// These return the same rect.


// CCDTextFieldCell.m #import “CCDTextFieldCell.h”

@implementation CCDTextFieldCell

#pragma mark Setters/Getters

#pragma mark Sizing

#pragma mark Drawing

#pragma mark Cursor

#pragma mark Selection Handling static id lastView;


11/21; Added cursor handling and changed the default button highlighting.

11/25; Added the Selection Handling section.

11/29; Added the progress drawing.

12/2; Cleaned up some and added support for colored labels.

4/8; CCDImageCategory wasn’t needed, as described on its page.