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Compact Discs - surely you know what they are?

can hold data or music� ring any bells?

CD-Rs are recordable Compact Discs that you can use with a CD Burner (DiscRecording).

CD-RWs are re-recordable Compact Discs, that is, you can burn them multiple times.

CDs come in many different storage sizes, but usually CD-Rs will be about 800 MB. (800? Wow. I thought they were still at 700.) (You’re right. They are still at 700, I just … said 800 because… I mentioned I need to be corrected, right? Thank God I’m not posting this on a non-wiki site.) At places like BestBuy you can usually find mini CD-Rs. Most (all) CD Drives have a small indent for mini CDs, and CD Burners will work normally with them. They hold a lot (Someone editted this? a lot is the correct speeling) less information, though.

DiscRecording is the Apple API for burning information to a disc, and the overall manipulation of CDs (Reading, writing, whatever?)

You can be notified when a CD (or any other kind of volume storage) is mounted/unmouned by having an object listen to NSWorkspace’s NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification and NSWorkspaceDidUnmountNotification respectively. You can also get an advance notice of an unmount via. the NSWorkspaceWillUnmountNotification notification. ^ Thank you for clearing that up, I forgot the unmount.

In most Linux systems CDs will be mounted to /devices. Obviously MacOSX isn’t a linux system, as the below-editor commented. Or something.

Please correct any mistakes I made so that people don’t think I’m a lier. And a bad speller.

Final editing note: DVDs are like CDs, but they hold more information, cost more, and are geared toward video. I guess that’s sort of incorrect, though, because video (Vid-ay-o) is Latin for “I See”, which implies there isn’t any sound.

Under Mac OS X, Volume devices are mounted under /Volumes