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A Java package style name (like “com.myCompany.MyBundle”) which is used to uniquely identify bundles.

In ProjectBuilder, under “Targets”, “Application Settings” set the CFBundleIdentifier in the “Identifier” textfield.

Does anybody else wish ObjC had NameSpaces similar to this sort of arrangement? It’d be a cleaner solution than all the NS-prefixes, IMHO. Just a thought.

– RobRix

Either you have hundreds of namespace identifiers, making object names much longer than a simple NS prefix, or you tell the compiler to pollute the global namespace and get annoyed at names used in two namespaces anyway. Never saw the point myself.

– KritTer

Beside what you say, I think namespaces still make sense (I wish them too)…. and that should be not so difficult to implement as ObjC has categories, which are a wierd kind of namespace themselves.

– peacha

I think ObjC namespaces would be a good idea, just so long as they avoid all the pitfalls that Java has with them. All the crazy things I’ve had to do in order to get 2 packages (namespaces) to share one class have been a little bit less than entertaining.

– DaveFayram

So you want multiple inheritance with your namespaces? :) – RobRix

I must confess, I fail to see how categories are namespaces. – KritTer

I have always thought categories were implemented similarly to namespaces…. maybe I am just wrong :(

– peacha

I cannot see the sence of namespaces in a late binding and “typeless” language like Objective-C. It is a trick of Objective-C, that a selector is valid without a context.

– Tom9811