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Does anyone have a copy of the sample code that used to be located on Apple’s site that did color tracking using CoreImage? Apple seems to have removed the code, but I wanted to have a look at it now that I have a MacBook Pro with the iSight.

I’d really like to see any type of image recognition software for OS X, what’s out there?

Err, cough NDA? cough

You’re a little too quick to trot out that tired saw.

The NDA does not apply to discussions of public information, even if that information is no longer available from Apple. The NDA certainly doesn’t apply to distribution of Apple sample code, which not only falls under standard copyright rules, but Apple’s public sample code universally comes with an extremely liberal license allowing for use and redistribution by anyone with just minor constraints.

Add me to the list of people who would enjoy a copy of this code or a pointer to something similar. – MikeAsh

It’s been released.

I would love to see a sample Quartz Composer composition that shows how to use the different image units in this project (Centroid, Area Mean, etc). :) – DanWinckler