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I managed to find a pre-compiled version of CURLHandle for both intels and ppcs, and I installed the framework into my /Library/Frameworks folder. I found the framework at this address:

  1. I know this is probably a stupid question, but what dependencies does this framework have? Do I have to already have curl and libcurl installed?

  2. I’m assuming that I need to install the CURLHandle.framework into /Library/Frameworks, correct?

The problem is, that even though the CURLHandle project compiles fine, and I copy the resulting framework binaray into /Library/Frameworks, I get an error when trying to build and run CURLHandleTester:

Tool:0: Command /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DevToolsCore.framework/Resources/pbxcp failed with exit code 1

Tool:0: /Users/DeadJB/Desktop/CURLHandle (All Sources)/CURLHandleTester/../Frameworks: No such file or directory

So I tried to create a Frameworks directory in the parent folder, and then I copied the CURLHandle.framework file into that directory. Now I get these errors when trying to build and run:

/Users/DeadJB/Desktop/CURLHandle (All Sources)/CURLHandleTester/TestController.h:5:34: error: CURLHandle/CURLHandle.h: No such file or directory

/Users/DeadJB/Desktop/CURLHandle (All Sources)/CURLHandleTester/TestController.h:6:41: error: CURLHandle/CURLHandle+extras.h: No such file or directory

So what should I do to solve this problem? I feel like I’m missing something obvious, so please forgive me if this question is so trivial. I just want to be able to get CURLHandleTester working so that I can know how to use CURLHandle in my own project, since I need the extra features it provides over NSURLConnectiton.

libcurl is there on os x 10.4.

The framework above makes use of it:

cristi:~/Desktop/CURLHandle.framework diciu$ nm CURLHandle | grep curl 00001b20 t +[CURLHandle curlAcceptURL:] 00001cb8 t +[CURLHandle curlFlushEntireCache] 00001aa4 t +[CURLHandle curlGoodbye] 00001b34 t +[CURLHandle curlHelloSignature:acceptAll:] 00002008 t +[CURLHandle curlVersion] 000032ec t -[CURLHandle curlError] 00002eb8 t -[CURLHandle curlThreadBackgroundLoad:] 00002fdc t -[CURLHandle curlWritePtr:size:number:message:] 00001d1c t -[CURLHandle curl] 00001a34 T _curlBodyFunction 00001a6c T _curlHeaderFunction U _curl_easy_cleanup U _curl_easy_getinfo U _curl_easy_init U _curl_easy_perform U _curl_easy_setopt U _curl_formadd U _curl_global_cleanup U _curl_global_init U _curl_slist_append U _curl_slist_free_all U _curl_version

I’d say you need to add the curl system library to your frameworks (see man page for curl_easy_cleanup). On my system it’s located under: