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AFCalendarControl is an iCal like bindings compatible control hosted at The project actually includes a second control; AFWeekControl. See that page for more details.

AFCalendarControl is dependent on my AppKit additions in another one of my projects Amber.framework which is available at

It exposes several bindings to access your model objects.

Note: the control only expects a single object per date, once one is found it won’t continue looking. If you have multiple objects sharing the same date in the NSContentBinding collection this will yield inconsistent results. Also, it is best to restrict the objects in the NSContentBinding collection to those in the AFCurrentMonthBinding range as expensive date comparison occurs.

A blank CalendarControl:

A populated CalendarControl illustrating the use of the AFDateHighlightedBinding:

The control shadow isn’t part of the view; it is drawn by setting the CoreAnimation shadow property.