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Just wondering whether I can have transparent areas in an NSView, allowing its parent view to show through it, or is this not possible? Would [NSColor clear] set an area to transparent in this manner?

For a custom view? just return NO from - (BOOL)isOpaque . No need to paint yourself with the clear color. Off the top of my head, NO may be the default. Just draw what you need to, the rest will be transparent.

However, I am thinking about an OpenGL View (sorry, I totally omitted this from the original question) - Is it possible to do something similar with an OpenGL View - to set clear areas of it. OpenGL View IS a subclass of NSView - so I suppose I could try overriding the draw method to fill areas with clearColor to try to overide the fact that it looks like there must be a base background color for the OpenGL View.

Is this the case? Or is there a way I could try to get transparency for certain areas in an OpenGL View.

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