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Does anyone have code to grab a still frame from a FireWire cam and save it to a file?

All the examples I’ve found are for capturing ‘live’ video and displaying it in a view. For my purposes, I don’t want to display it, and I only need a still frame, not a movie. Or is a still just treated as a single frame ‘movie’?

I have the Cocoa SGDataProc sample, but am at a loss what to do with it.

QuickTime sux.

Thanks for any help.


Take a look at

You may also be interested in


I’ve been using the libARVideo code from the ARToolkit: (download version 2.61 and look at ARToolkit2.61/lib/SRC/VideoMacOSX/video.c)

The code enables you to initialise the camera and take snapshots using a single function, returning the resulting image as an array of unsigned chars, which can be easily converted to an NSBitmapImageRep if required.