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How would I go about catching ALL uncaught NSException’s? Apps like Adium seem to catch any exception that occurs (and then launch a helper app). I desperately need something like this… anyone know how to do this? –KevinWojniak

Ok I found out how….

There is an ExceptingHandling.frameworking found in /System/Library/Frameworks which allows you to catch uncaught exceptions in your app. Here’s what I used:

NSExceptionHandler *handler = [NSExceptionHandler defaultExceptionHandler]; [handler setExceptionHandlingMask:NSLogAndHandleEveryExceptionMask]; [handler setDelegate:self];

and then this is called on the delegate:

I’ve heard this doesn’t work, because no exception is ever unhandled – NSApplication installs an any-exception handler of its own.

Well you heard wrong ;). I implemented it and it does work. It allows you to override NSApplication’s default way of handling exceptions (NSLoging it and terminating).