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I’ve gotten it so that my scrollView’s contentView gets centered inside of the scrollview. However, I have a custom cursor set for my scrollView’s documentView. With my centering code in place, the cursor stays the normal arrow until I get to the centered view (as expected). However, when I move the mouse below or to the right of my view, the cursor stays changed instead of reverting to the arrow. Here’s the code that is called whenever the scrollview is resized:

I added in the following lines, and the cursor problem was fixed:

   newFrame.size.width = [[self documentView] frame].size.width;
   newFrame.size.height = [[self documentView] frame].size.height;

However, with that code in place, the scroll bars do not appear when they should. So, I know the problem is that the clipview is only having its origin moved, and its size isn’t changing. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

– [[MattBall

Try adding [scrollView reflectScrolledClipView:clipView] at the end of your manipulations.

That didn’t make any difference :/ Any ideas? – MattBall