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At the end of my textField�s IBAction method, I�d like to make another textField firstResponder�

Sounds easy, but�

I tried makeFirstResponder:, selectNextKeyView: and selectKeyViewFollowingView:, but the sender always remains firstResponder.

I put the code in another method I�m calling with a performSelector: I can see the new textField become firstResponder for a second, then the old one takes the focus back!! (Same result placing the code in a button�s action with the Return key equivalent�)

So it seems that while we are in the action method, the sender refuses to resign its firstResponder status, I tried to override resignFirstResponder but nothing� (Maybe I didn�t do it in the correct way�)

I�m entering numbers in various textFields, so I find it easier to validate the entry with Return than with Tab, but I�d like to be ready to enter other numbers in the next textField without having to tab!!!

It seems that you�ve got to check Enter Only in IB and not End Editing. That way makeFirstResponder and selectKeyViewFollowingView both work. selectNextKeyView doesn�t work but this might be due to something easy to fix(?).

You might need to override keyDown: in a NSTextView subclass (or category if you’re adventurous), set it as the window’s field editor, and check for the return key and not pass that event up to super.

How do you set it to be the window’s field editor?

implement - (id)windowWillReturnFieldEditor:(NSWindow )sender toObject:(id)anObject *in your window’s delegate and return your custom class. Also, you need to make an NSTextView subclass, not an NSTextField subclass as I said above, sorry. I changed it above as well.

Look at the source for DTCPathView (in ObjectLibrary) for an example of how to do it.

I once succeeded in catching the Return key, but it seems that pressing shift- or command-Return does nothing, whereas option-Return works� Any idea why this behavior occurs?

Tentative solution: A working example with code is posted in ReturnInsteadOfTab.

I made 2 columns of 4 texFields and am now able to tab horizontally through them (normally using Tab: 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-0�) or vertically (using Return: 0-2-4-6-0� or 1-3-5-7-1�).

I created a custom object that stores every TF�s next and previous responder. An array of such objects is build in the controller�s awakeFromNib. You just cycle through that array to find the current view�s next “return-responder”, recursively if it turns up to be invisible�

I have a similar problem. A simple data entry window with 3 text fields, an �Enter� and a �Finish� button. The Enter button has its key equivalent set to Return. The action is in a subclass of NSWindowController, like so:

Now if you click the Enter button with the mouse, the result is exactly as intended: the three fields are copied to the data controller, emptied, and focus is sent back to the beginning.

If the Return key is used the result is exactly as above: data is copied and the fields are emptied ok, but then the new field1 takes the focus for a second, then field2 or field3 takes it back.

I don�t mind so much when I get huge bring-down-the-system bugs in my program, but this is one of those annoying little things that makes me want to [computer applyAxe]

Have you tried something like [window performSelector:@selector(makeFirstResponder:) withObject:field1 afterDelay:0]?

That works! I’m quite pathetically grateful.