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Google is your friend. To add, [[NSApp mainMenu] addItem: theItemOwningTheSubmenu]; To remove, [[NSApp mainMenu] removeItem: theItemOwningTheSubmenu]; That said, dynamically changing the top-level menus in the menubar is considered bad form according to the HumanInterfaceGuidelines.

I must agree - sounds like a Windows app. That said, if the “end user” is the only customer, fair enough. But if it’s going out to a wider audience, reconsider - Mac users don’t like menus changing dynamically too much, because it subverts one of their main purposes - a stable ‘road map’ of your application. –GC

Agreed, if this is for distribution – if just one client then the client is always right :). But to give the OP a direction to proceed in, the answer to a cluttered Menubar is to think of reordering and consolidating items in the menus, using submenus to group related tasks, or even offloading lesser or contextual functions to palettes or floating bars. That’s much more the Mac way and is better in anycase. If there is time, give this approach a thought. – GA

Thank you for your well-considered responses. I agree that changing the top-level menu is poor form, but the customer is always right unless he can be gently persuaded that an alternative would be more effective and comfortable. I like the idea of a “floating menu bar.” I’ll think about this and come back to you latter with my insights. –NB–