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I am a Mac developer. [Some might say a LATE developer]

Having spent decades groping about in the Dark Forest of C, I am emerging slowly onto the Broad Sunlit Plain of Cocoa, where things are more visible.

I have been tarred and feathered by the ignominy of FileMaker Pro.

I still smart from the pain of Real Basic.

I am old enough to remember FORTRAN but young enough to realise that it was just a phase I was going through.

I have a DEC Focal manual on my bookshelf, just between “Das Kapital” and “Do 101 Interesting Things With Tofu”.

My life seems to have been a blurred sequence of minutes.

If I have brought even the smallest nano-grin to your face while reading this page, my few score years on the planet have not been wholly in vain.

Anyone can contact me: kbohome^NOSPAM^

When mail lands in my inbox, it reassures me.

Bi_ll G^ates is the Spawn of Satan.