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I am the President of Ripple Software, LLC. I WAS also an Apple Computer retail employee until 6/6/05. None of my group’s applications have been publicly released as yet, we are refining them, but I hope for them to make a splash when they are released. I also now work for Trivantis Corporation ( ), and happily am in product QA for our software there.


President, Ripple

[WARNING: The old (dot com) link leads to a porn site. It is not kid- or boss-safe.]

[To explain this situation I will do so here and now, and it’s a sad story, both for my own foresight and for the way things sometimes work.]

[Our old web address (ripplesw dot com) was registered by our host with them as every contact. Consequently the registrar they used refused to recognize any of our staff as the rightful holders of the domain name when our host went bankrupt and folded. We made every attempt, even contacting InterNIC to have the issues resolved, but nothing came of it, it all fell on deaf ears. We have registered now and are living happily there. The domain name expired, but I had a lapse of judgment in assuming I didn’t need to put a hold on it for when it went back on the market, and lo, it’s now a porn website. Sad really, but I only have myself to blame.]

** Update ** is now back under my ownership and forwards to the .net web address. :) I seem to continue to get a little traffic form this site. Awesome! Drop me a line or something! :)