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A ClassMethod is a method performed by a ClassObject.

Typically, a ClassMethod is used to create a new instance (new InstanceObject) of the receiving class, and to perform management upon any InstanceObject of that class.

A ClassMethod can always be invoked. You do not create an instance of the class to which to send the ClassMethod.

You invoke a ClassMethod by sending a message to the class, like this:

[SomeClass someMethod];

You can have a ClassMethod and an InstanceMethod with the same signature (except, of course, for the + and -):

You could also do this:

#define [[BothMethods(Name,ReturnType,SingeLine) -(ReturnType)Name { singleLine; } +(ReturnType)Name{ singleLine; }

BothMethods(Name,NSString,return @”Test”)


#define MatchToClass(ReturnType,MethodName) -(ReturnType)MethodName { return self class] [[MethodName]; }