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I currently have a selection of text boxes in Interface Builder displaying the result of a user input. I’m wondering the best way of making these text boxes clickable / selectable so additional information can be displayed about the box content? I guess it’s a more of a button with an altering display than text, as a selectable text box merely produces the ‘enter text’ icon.

Many thanks in advance :)


So… use a button and alter its title.

Okey Dokey, will give that a try. Assumed button title couldn’t be altered while App is running. Woz gonna try subclassing NSTextField to override mouseDown. Would that work?

It would, but using a button is easier since it’s already done for you. There’s no problem with changing a button’s title while the app is running. Just watch out for sizing problems, you may need to -sizeToFit and jiggle with its positioning to make sure it’s big enough to hold your text.

You’re ignoring the OP’s request for selectable text.