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I’m having a problem where I’m not sure whether I’m doing something wrong or bindings is doing something wrong. I have a custom NSCell (nothing too fancy, the normal image+text stuff). In Interface Builder, I’ve got the table column bound to NSArrayController.arrangedObjects. In the code, however, I build my cell and set it to the data cell of the table view. I then bind all of my outlets to the object value.

CustomCell *cell = [[CustomCell new] autorelease]; // It isn’t really named “CustomCell”, but this is an example [[[TableView tableColumns] lastObject] setDataCell:cell]; // There’s only one column [cell bind:@”image” toObject:cell withKeyPath:@”objectValue.image” options:nil]; [cell bind:@”text” toObject:cell withKeyPath:@”” options:nil];

Everything works just peachy except for when I select a table row. The row changes to be the last row clicked instead of highlighting the current row. For example, if I’m currently highlighting row 2 and I click row 5, row 5 is redrawn to be row 2. Row 5 is correct again (and correctly highlighted) when I release the mouse button. Where am I going wrong?