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I recently implemented a preferences window for a single-window non-document-centric app. I open the preferences window by connecting the prefs menu item directly to the orderFront: message. hitting command-w closes the window, so that’s fine.

However, I’ve seen that in most cocoa apps you can close the prefs window with command-period, but I don’t know how to make this happen in my app without making some sort of hidden mechanism that listens for that combo and closes the window manually. Is there something built-in? Like some mysterious way to say to cocoa “This window is the app’s preferences window, set up the magic connections so I don’t have to”

– ShamylZakariya

If you add a cancel button (mapped to Esc as a key equivalent) hitting command-period will also trigger the button’s action, which you can have close the window.

If you make your prefs window an NSPanel rather than an NSWindow, then it will by default close in response to either escape or command-period. – Bo

Be aware though that if you bring up a sheet on a panel, it will activate the main window, when closing the sheet (and NSPanel doesn’t accept being main window).