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Hello, I’ve been working in a app that uses Cocoa Bindings (not Core Data). The GUI is composed of two NSTableViews and a series of textFields. The first TableView allows the selection of an object from a list, and the remaining interface elements allow editing the information for the selected item.

An NSArrayController controls the content that is presented by the first NSTableView; the content is basically an array of custom objects (ex: Employee); each employee has many properties, most of them strings. But one of them is a NSMutableArray which has another group of objects.

Binding each of the string items to the GUI has been easy. For each textField, I successfully bound their values to the NSArrayController and the respective property. But I still could not figure out how to link the second NSTableView to each object’s NSMutableArray.


Just create another NSArrayController and bind it to the array of the selection of the first controller. You can then bind values in the second table to that. Something like:

First controller: Employee, bind to File’s owner.employees. Second controller: NSMutableArray, bind to First controller.selection.array.

Worked as a charm. Thank you!!