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CocoaBrowser is a browser for the Cocoa HTML reference documentation.

A version of Cocoa Browser updated by Satoshi Numata to support Xcode 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

The new version is now called Cocoa Browser Air :

Cocoa Browser SN is no longer maintained.

Try Dashboard widget version too:


Good. I was maintaining a private, non-metal version of Docoa, but I didn’t want to trouble myself to fix the parsing issues.

Below is an old discussion that does not apply anymore with the release of Cocoa Browser SN 1.0

Sorry for “polluting” this page but the location seems appropriate… CocoaBrowser seems to not work properly anymore with XCode 1.2 and the new documentation format. Can anybody confirm that? CharlesParnot

CocoaBrowser isn’t being updated anymore, AFAIK. Try DocoaBrowser.

From the DocoaBrowser 0.3 release notes:


Yeah, I tried it. It is nice and I appreciate the work done there, but I really miss many of the features of Cocoa Browser, like typing the first letters to get to a class or method, the separation of the doc in different fields (method list, class method, instance method,…), and also the possibility of having multiple windows, and finally it is not faster than Apple doc, which was an important reason for using Cocoa Browser in my case. I guess I should just stop moaning and fix it myself, but I am too dumb :-) CharlesParnot

See also AppKiDo. This excellent app makes moving throught the classes and docs relating to them a breeze. It’s been a major part of my dev environment for quite some time, whether doing pure cocoa or PyObjC cocoa.


I can neither confirm nor deny that AppKiDo may or may not work just fine with the latest documentation from a certain newborn cat as of October 2007 … but I lean toward ‘confirm’. Ask me again and I’ll deny.