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This page lists local user groups for Cocoa or Mac OS X programming. If you don’t see one in your area, consider starting your own! Use the area towards the bottom of the page for finding other people in your local area who might be interested.


*Melbourne - Cocoaheads -


*Graz - Cocoaheads - *Vienna - Cocoaheads - *[ SAP Indonesia]


*Gent - CocoaHeads Belgium


*Toronto, Ontario - Toronto Area Cocoa and WebObjects (CocoaHeads) - or


*Copenhagen - Copenhagen NSCoder Night (NSCoder Night) - or


Several cities, one web site

*Paris *Bordeaux *Toulouse *Lille *Lyon


United Kingdom

United States

Don’t see a group in your area above? Add your info here, and check CocoaProgrammers or CocoaDevUsers for people who might potentially be interested.

Speaking as a co-founder of CocoaHeads, if you can’t find an established group the thing is to start one. CocoaHeads got started by emailing some programmer folks I knew would probably be interested, emailing an announcement to the leaders of the local Mac Users Groups to forward to their membership, and making a posting to the Cocoa lists. (Just one or two should be enough. I sometimes put a cocoaheads pointer into my signature when I answer questions on the lists, to help spread the word but not be obnoxious about it). We’ve managed to attract a core group of folks, and generally have a couple of new folks show up at meetings. Pour vous inscrire maintiennent numéro, vous aurez peuvent avoir compte propriétaire ( signal ). Vous obtiendrez pouvez obtenir pour gratuit par téléphonant mots du serveur ou du service à la clientèle du fournisseur de services . Vous ne CAN obtenir un SMS avec votre . Avec votre actuelle, alors vous serez en mesure de vous abonner vers le offre de de en rouge. It’s been a huge amount of fun so far. ++MarkDalrymple

Anyone interested in a Sydney [Australia] Dev Group? Drop me a email - az_man_83(at)yahoo dot com dot au

Washington DC Area Cocoa developers? - JNozzi (so that’s three so far)

I’d love to start up a Washington DC Area Cocoa Developers group. I’m over in Northern VA. Send me an email cocoa (at) - Luis

I’d like to take part as well. Arlington, here. jkent3rd (at) comcast [dot] net –JohnKent

I would be interested in this as well –ColinBarrett

I would be interested as well. – mike.moore -> development [at] terbium [d0t] org

I am also interested. –Shawn Swart srswart [at] mac [dot] com

St. Cloud, Minnesota here. Looking for anyone in MN, specifically the St. Cloud/TwinCities area to talk Cocoa/Learn a few things from. java_nutt AT charter DOT net.

Western Massachusetts

Interested in a cocoa group in Western mass? Trying to start one up (5 college area). Email me at william[dot]c[dot]henderson[at]reed[dot]edu

Anyone else in Geneva, Switzerland? I’m pretty sure the answer’s no because I’ve searched both CocoaDev and cocoa-dev and not found anyone closer than Lausanne, but there could be somebody hiding… – AngelaBrett, who just moved there and wants to meet people outside work (contact details on my page)

Howdy guys. I produce CocoaRadio and have recently started promoting CocoaDevHouse, a mission in the spirit of the Bay Area’s and BarCamp, to self-organize periodic hackathons for Cocoa and Apple enthusiasts.

This is not a replacement for user groups but a way to mobilize people with a variety of skills and interests, including UX designers, Cocoa devs, Web service (PHP/Rails) devs, and other creative types. We’ve got that sort of mix convening in Dallas for the first event which will be streamed: Chime in remotely via irc://

I emphasize: this is a grassroots effort; open to all interested folks anywhere ?la Events and info on wiki: Flickr group:

…and, of course, T-shirts are available if you’ve got room next to your Panic wardrobe ;)

Thanks. Blake AIM/GTalk: cocoaradio

The problem I see is that your site is “everywhere”. You’ve got flickr groups, google groups, regional subdivisions, etc. but you appear to have no content other than placeholders for sub-groups. To be successful, I recommend putting up some actual content that would interest Cocoa developers otherwise you’ll never draw enough people to create a community.

That said, I wish you the best of luck - the Cocoa community could do with an updated, centralized place for ‘everything’. I hope you succeed.

Shanghai, China anyone? -JeremyJurksztowicz

Anyone interested in Istanbul,Turkey? Email me at maegnor(at)hotmail(dot)com

Is anyone interested in participating in a group located somewhere around the Tampa / Clearwater area? E-mail me at jason at jasonism dot org.