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In an attempt to get CocoaDev working again, I rewrote the engine somewhat. While I was in there anyway, I got the multiple reverse indexes on eg AppleScript working. Just so people know. I think the rest of the changes were all behind-the-scenes - we can now easily wipe version histories to save space, etc.

All together now. “We hate Perl DBM.” Good.

– KritTer

Does this mean out-of-date pages can be deleted? – DustinVoss

On the server, yes. You’d have to get StevenFrank to do it. – KritTer

Good job, clean-cut boy… oh never mind. Thanks :) – RobRix

A little OT here, but still related to the engine: Does anyone but me get annoyed by needing to repeatedly type things like \%\%BEGINCODESTYLE\%\%? I propose that the engine should also include parsing for shorter pseudo-HTMLish tags like for instance [b] and [/b] to demarkate bold areas, [hr] to make a line, etc. Another option would be to include some buttons on the edit page that would insert snippets. Something like this code (lifted and modified from a BBS system for inserting smilies) ought to do it:

insert \%\%BEGINBOLD\%\%
insert \%\%ENDBOLD\%\%

You’d also need to add a name="editform" to the form tag.

This code isn’t perfect, it puts the text at the end of the end of the textarea instead of at the insertion point; maybe a DOM expert could help here.

// JackNutting

Yes, please. The %% things are difficult to use and difficult to read in edit mode.

I happen rather to agree with this - except when one’s writing code, when they stick out much more than HTML or BB. But how often does one markup code, really. Post a complete list of replacements for everything we currently have and I’ll suggest it to StevenFrank. – KritTer

Sorry about the late response. Here’s a complete list of alternates:

\%\%BEGINLIST\%\% or [ul] will open a bulleted list

\%\%ITEM\%\% or [li] adds an item to an opened bulleted list

\%\%ENDLIST\%\% or [/ul] will end a bulleted list

\%\%BEGINBOLD\%\% or [b] begins a bold section of text

\%\%ENDBOLD\%\% or [/b] ends a bold section of text

\%\%BEGINITALIC\%\% or [i] begins an italicized section of text

\%\%ENDITALIC\%\% or [/i] ends a italicized section of text

\%\%BEGINCODE\%\% or [pre] begins a code snippet

\%\%ENDCODE\%\% or [/pre] ends a code snippet

\%\%BEGINCODESTYLE\%\% or [tt] begins monospaced text

\%\%ENDCODESTYLE\%\% or [/tt] ends monospaced text

\%\%LINE\%\% or [hr] adds a horizontal line to the text.

There are lots of other ways to do this (as seen on various wikis), but I like these because they mirror standard HTML tags that are already familiar to lots of people.

// JackNutting

I agree, these are much better –NirSoffer

Can we not use square brackets? I’d hate to see this interfere w/ our ObjC code. – MikeTrent

Since I wrote the mods before this list was up, I just used standard Wiki. Bold, italic and code style. – KritTer

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