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In an effort to get a little more discussion going in the Cocoa Community I created a forum on You can access it here:

The Site is currently in Public Beta and I chose to create the forum there for a few reasons. First off, I have seen the code that drives the site and know the features that are coming up soon so I am confident that any forum features I would want will be available. Second, the way the site is structured if the forums did grow to a size that would make me want to split them away from social detour I would be able to with little work. Third, the developer who wrote the site loves OS X development and would like to work to create some OS X desktop tools to integrate with his site.

Registration is free if you want to post, but anyone can read the forums. Right now they are completely empty, but I’d love to see some discussion, even off topic.

Also, if there are any sections that you would like to see added, please let me know.

There have been several attempts to start a Cocoa forums, but none have really grown in comparison to Good luck on gaining members though.

CocoaDev is definitely my first choice, but I like this guy’s framework and the potential that it has for growth so I thought that I’d put something up. If it does grow into a community then awesome, otherwise that’s fine too. Thanks for the encouragement :)

CocoaDev is a great resource as a wiki (it’s not a forum or discussion site), and Apple’s cocoa-dev mailing list is a great place for discussions to take place. Just use the mailing list - there are thousands of subscribers, and pretty much everybody who’s anybody in the Cocoa developer community has already been on it for years.

Except for those of us who can’t stand the mailing list… but then again, we probably couldn’t stand a forum either. :-)