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Well, it is. On largish pages it’s difficult to read and impossible to edit.

Also, the “Edit / New / Search” section gets way too small to use.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to suggest that the cocoadev site developers produce an iPhone version of the website rather than whinge about it?

….and you’d want to use CocoaDev on an iPhone because?

Because we can?

Because it’s not part of the fake Internet. It’s not par of the mobile version of the Internet. It’s just part of the Internet. On his phone.

And apparently it doesn’t work all that well.

How do you mark a page for deletion?

You search the web site for “mark page for deletion” or something similar and follow the directions you find.

[ Delete tag removed, see below ] - Irrelevant whinging.

Please don’t get delete-happy. The hostility toward this discussion is a bit much, don’t you think? The page is already here and clearly there is discussion on the topic, so there’s no point in forcing your views on others and marking the page for deletion. Let’s see where the conversation goes, rather than simply blowing it away while it’s still active.

All I can say is: what a bunch of crapbags! To any rational person, “Your site doesn’t work on $POPULAR_DEVICE because of $SPECIFIC_PROBLEM_1 and $SPECIFIC_PROBLEM_2 would be welcomed as constructive feedback and the contributor thanked for the information. Instead, we see him attacked, then an attempt to sweep the whole thing under the rug. If my web site doesn’t work well on the iPhone I would appreciate it if somebody told me, and I promise that I won’t attack you even a little bit. – MikeAsh

Agreed. That’s why I removed the tag. I got extremely miffed when I saw that. Let’s take some constructive criticism, not be a bunch of aholes. ;-) Upon reflection, I think that it’s got something to do with the slashdot / digg mentality … kiddies think it’s “kewl”, “1337 haXOr” protocol to be an ahole, so they emulate that everywhere they can.

To the OP, your point is valid. On my own iPhone, editing the site is pretty much impossible, but to be fair I don’t think there’s much you can do for such a huge block of editable text. The iPhone isn’t an ideal editing mechanism for such things. The lack of text navigation (arrows, pg-up/dn, etc.) make it extraordinarily difficult.