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** Cocoa Developers E-Zine **

Here is a place where you can write public articles for visitors of this wonderful establishment. (This was inspired by a post in CocoaDiscussions)


How do these articles differ from the more verbose items in CocoaSampleCode and so on? Effectively, all of CocoaDev is a giant e-zine – the entire website is a place where one can write public articles for visitors. Do we intend this articles to be editorial in nature? Or is this just yet another place to link into our pages?

While this is a clever idea, I think we’ll be better served if we keep all of our content organized through the other main starting points. If the other starting points have become too difficult to nagivate through let’s fix it rather than create yet another place to look …

– MikeTrent

Agreed… the site is getting somewhat unwieldy of late. – RobRix

Glad to see that I’m not the only one who thought that creating a CocoaDevMagazine section was slightly off point. What I had asked was if anyone knew of a “printed” and “published” periodical that focused on Cocoa development. Please don’t take this as a slam against the effort and spirit that went into the above two articles, but like Mike and Rob I just don’t see much of a difference between the “CocoaDevMagazine” section and the rest of this site. Sometimes it is nice to have “offline” materials at your disposal. I mean, it’s difficult to sit on the can with your PowerBook while you take care of your morning business…

—> K. McClanahan

See also LinkingPages for another plea for help …

– MikeTrent

If one were to have a proper e-zine, the benefits are many, but they are not self-managing; they need someone (or a small editorial board) at the helm. For those interested in a magazine proper, they ought to subscribe to and/or contribute to MacTech. It exists, it could be better, but it won’t get better all alone. Perhaps the people behind MacTech need to garner more interest. For one thing, they could have outreach here, maybe. – BrentGulanowski