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Since CocoaDev is a community site, we could use some direction.

Add any tasks/guidelines you think are needed that don’t require modification to how the site works, and use this page to get some ideas on what you can do for the site.



Ideas for improvements to the script that runs CocoaDev are at CocoaDevMostWanted

Further Suggestions

Suggestions for how to improve the website.

Please add any suggestions below for how you see to improve the site.

My advice on WhenDiscussionsConclude is just to orphan the page. If a question comes up enough to annoy people, we can find a place to put it, but I don’t think C**‘ocoaAnsweredQuestions would be it. Far better to create a logical system, perhaps attaching the question to the class that provokes it, or the relevant section of the CocoaGlossary. If people don’t check there first, they won’t scour a less organized system.

Since we have CocoaDiscussions already, no need for a C**‘ocoaUnansweredQuestions. – KritTer

How about a cocoadev specific browser? Not a web browser - we have enough these days. I’m thinking more of a content browser that just happens to get all/most of its data from here. Think Watson or Sherlock - a ‘native’ interface would be nice, right?

Got that!

What possible use would the search feature of this site be if answered questions were deleted? Orphaning and refactoring pages is fine, but deleting them outright is just wrong. I can guarantee that if this happened, you’d see the same questions asked far more than twice.

See also CocoaDevMostWanted