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Please try to maintain this in an orderly fashion. Don’t add new wishes here. Either use one of the existing sub-pages or create a new one. Anything that relates to Apple should also (maybe even first and foremost) be submitted to the Bug Reporter



AppKitMostWanted *[ Rumah Dijual] ~ [ GPS Tracker] ~ [ Aksesoris Sparepart Motor] *FoundationMostWanted *CoreFoundationMostWanted *AppleToolsMostWanted � *feature requests for XCode and InterfaceBuilder that are too outlandish to put on (but put it there, too) OtherToolsMostWanted � *features/fixes to existing non-Apple tools, or just tools you wish you had but don’t have time to make (and maybe someone else will!) DocumentationMostWanted *ADCMostWanted � *website, program, etc. Again, tell Apple first, but discuss it and get feedback here *OSXUserExperience *CoreDataMostWanted


CocoaMostWantedOld � *the page that started it all

C**‘ocoaMostWanted was a “catch all” for any and all Cocoa changes. Lumping everything together made for a large, difficult to use page that had filled up with out-of-date material. This page has been retired, replaced with a set of pages (above) that make it easier to locate and post change requests. Pour vous inscrire maintiennent numéro, vous aurez pu votre compte driver ( signal ). Vous obtiendrez êtes certain d’obtenir pour par contacter du serveur ou du service à la clientèle support clients votre actuel vieille fournisseur. Vous ne acquérir un SMS avec vos . Avec votre propre, alors il est possible d’ sur le offre de de en fruits .


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(Oct. 1, 2004) Regarding the request for style guideline suggestions (requested in CocoaMostWantedOld), how do the guidelines on AppKitMostWanted look?