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(excuse me, I mean “AquaInterfaceChangesToCome” - how do I change that?) You don’t. You could just switch to using the other page and put a “oops” or “see such and such” note here, but eh

iTunes 4 appears to have some button/interface changes. Is this a sneak peek into an interface shift in Panther?

It seems to me they just updated the look to correspond to their new button styles, look in Safari, they have similar shiny buttons. It does look different against the bright metal background in iTunes though, and the slider looks kind of weird. Who knows….

– KentSutherland

I heard somewhere that it mirrors iMovie. I don’t have iMovie installed, though, cos I’m down to a pathetically low amount of free space on my drive, so somebody else will have to verify. iTunes4 is gonna take some getting used to, though, yes.

– RobRix