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I think it would be a very useful community resource to be able to find a list of localizers who are willing to translate in exchange for a license or whatever else. If you would like to help start this list, add your name and a way to contact you (and maybe what other languages you speak). Hopefully this list will help out us small Cocoa devs who don’t know where to find localizers! [ Perlengkapan Bayi] | [ Hipnoterapi Surabaya] | [ Konsultan Pajak] | [ Roller Blind] | [ Vertical Blind] | [ Anti Rayap] Localizers:

English <-> Japanese/Chinese/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Dutch: LocalVersion (Xcode & iOS localization) > English, Italian: � EmanueleVulcano aka millenomi aka “(Unicode char for Infinite here)” � (also available for continued version-to-version work; use of Localization Manager or similar organization app preferred, I’ll use it internally if you don’t :D; last translated: Unsanity’s Chat Transcript Manager, FFView and NathanDay’s Popup Dock.)

English <-> Arabic: Abubaker Shamlan, abubaker.shamlan at gmail dot com Please include subject.

English <-> Arabic: Nasser Al Zahrani, nassersala at gmail dot com

English to Chinese (Traditional/Simplified): BillSo - Please email me if you wanna localized your application to Chinese language.

English->French<->Spanish<-English: fbbomao at hotmail dot com. My name is Juan. Feel free to contact me.

Spanish, German -> English: Robert Morris, robertrm at gmail dot com. (prefer translating into English, but can do English -> Spanish as well)

English -> Danish: Mikkel Bruun, mikkel at increment dot dk.

Brazilian Portuguese <-> English: TylerStromberg

English <-> Urdu object2.0 gmail

English <-> French: Guillaume Cerquant - gcerquant AtGmail

English <-> German: Tristan Seifert - tristan (A with a circle around it) theocas (something that looks like a tiny dot) net

English <-> French: Fran�ois Beausoleil -

English <-> Swedish: Robert Ylip��, aka Ylan, ylan(at) . Erik Aderstedt erik at aderstedt dot se

English <-> German: Christoph Greiner, christoph_dot_greiner_a:t_web_dot_de   inventiveSoftLocalizationServices: - Latest projects: Contactizer Pro (, Drawit, DownloadQueue, CMCrashReporterFramework

English <-> German: Marcel Hansemann, mhansemann at google mail Translation english german

English > Russian: Rem Stone, B.Qunanov, admin_a:t_ltd_dot_gs, admin_a:t_crystalillusions_dot_net

English <-> Japanese please contact if you want localized to Japanese (the address listed on this line appears to be disabled)

English <-> Dutch: xchoasx_at_gmail_dot_com

English <-> Greek: Nick Toumpelis, nick at toumpelis dot me dot com