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Java has its little line drawing of a cup of coffee. Also, it has Duke.

GNUstep has its step/circle graphic.

Where’s the cute logo for Cocoa? I suggest an art-deco image of an eggplant. For what it’s worth, all the O’Reilly books have used a dog so far. Hard to say, but it looks like a scruffy black or chocolate lab. According to the colophon of the book, it’s an Irish setter for Cocoa in a Nutshell and Learning Cocoa. Building Cocoa Applications has a mastiff.

How about a chocolate lab on a mug filled with cocoa? Now all we need is an artist to render it. ;-)

We could always resurrect the little monster named “Wacko” from Apple’s previous project, KidSim (better known as “the other Cocoa”).

[Shouldn’t CocoaDev automatically display PNG’s in addition to JPEG’s and GIF’s?]

That little monster is too cool for words. We NEED to put it somewhere. Or else Peanut Butter Jelly. (For those who don’t get out much, PBJ is a dancing banana with a really annoying, but horribly catchy song and dance.)

Maybe not - having a logo out-of-the-gate that’s associated with ‘annoying’ probably wouldn’t be good.

Good point… but Wacko the little monster is still way cool.

personally this has been and always will be the logo for Cocoa –zootbobbalu

Ahh good ol’ Google:


Hey, that’s a good one!


I always thought a chocolate fish would be good… since it contains Cocoa and ought to swim in Aqua. Or a mocha for the Java Cocoa people.

(Please not this. It looks like a turd…) -ZacWhite

– AngelaBrett

I’ll second the fish, though I’d go for something more cartoony: –DustinVoss

I drew my own fish before I got a real snapshot, so if you like it a bit more cartoony:

– AngelaBrett (again)

I always liked the conceptual Diagram of an object in the original O’Reilly Cocoa Book. Perhaps combined with a Jaffa Cake (or if you prefer the ‘Classic GOO’ theme, which AngelaBrett does.) –DiggoryLaycock

nothing like a few antique cocoa tins – jimcath

I’m a grouchy designer-person with a very specific and sometimes painful system of aesthetics… but seeing these… no. – RobRix

Why don’t we just use the XCode icon, or another dev tool icon? Or this –JoshaChapmanDodson

How about a Cocoa Damselfish:

Hmm. I don’t see the connection. I prefer the cartoon fish I drew above. Look – the fin is even a C for Cocoa! – DustinVoss

Here we go. –JoshaChapmanDodson

uhh… no. let’s stay here.

We could use this:

replacing ‘Linux’ with ‘Cocoa’ as long as we open source our modifications (does that mean Photoshop would have to be open sourced? hehe)

Lets just call the ADC logo the CocoaLogo. –JoshaChapmanDodson —- That would imply that all Mac development is Cocoa.

As for that Linux fish, I prefer Darwin not that it’s any more Cocoa-specific than ADC… which is why I still prefer my chocolate fish. – AngelaBrett —- Ok, OK, why don’t we use the ADC logo and add the word cocoa some where in the image. –JoshaChapmanDodson

[] is why.

How bout’ this –JoshaChapmanDodson

Remind me why we need any logo at all? – RobRix We don’t, and it’s not as though anything we suggest would ever become an official Cocoa logo, but it’s fun to discuss – AngelaBrett

Why not a montage of most of the Cocoa apps produced by Apple? –JoshaChapmanDodson

Feel free to use this one if you want. Merry Christmas!