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Recently I wanted to try out Pascal, so I downloaded FreePascal []. Wonderful. But one problem: I was hoping I could use some pascal in real development, IE Cocoa. The only packages for GUI available on the FreePascal site are for GTK. OK, so there is “Generalized Graphics Interface” but that is linux only. Is there any project for a bridge to pascal or is one already in the works? So far I’ve only seen RubyCocoa, PerlBridge, JavaBridge, and Python-Cocoa (?).

People still use Pascal?

Yes. They do.

People also still use C++ too. and Visual Basic, right? Pascal isn’t really that bad.

Yes, it is. I doubt you’ll see a Pascal “bridge” because firstly it doesn’t have objects and secondly it’s an EXTREMELY statically-typed language. Just use Objective-C.

Umm, what are you talking about? It’s HARD to find Pascal without objects. FreePascal for MacOSX has objects. I think GNUPascal does. And yes, it is statically typed for the most part. Java isn’t exactly dynamic.