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I am putting several objects into an array. I want to put pointers to those objects in a different array. I am guessing that this has to do something with shared_ptr, but I can’t understand the documentation. Can someone help me?


shared_ptr is a C++ thing. Are you using ObjC++? or C arrays? or NSArrays?

I am using NSArray. —- It isn’t clear what you’re trying to do yet. In objective-c, we always refer to our objects through pointers. If you declare NSNumber *aNumber or id aNumber, then aNumber is a pointer. It’s rare in Cocoa to need to take a pointer to the object pointer.

Right now, I’d guess that you just want to add your object (pointers) to two different arrays.

id anObject, anotherObject; // assume these exist NSMutableArray *anArray = [NSMutableArray array]; NSMutableArray *anotherArray = [NSMutableArray array];

[anArray addObject:anObject]; [anArray addObject:anotherObject];

[anotherArray addObject:anotherObject];

Now the 0th element of anArray is the same object as the 1st element of anotherArray.