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Valuable resources for the Cocoa programmer:

*Beginners - Basics


* “Getting Started with Cocoa”: self-education roadmap and guide to the Guides

* CocoaDevCentral: “Learn Cocoa” - Tutorials, articles, and blog posts, frequently updated

* O’Rielly’s Programming With Cocoa - Good collection of articles, but stopped updating in 2006

* stepwise’s Cocoa Starting Point - The original Cocoa articles site - “step” as in ‘NeXTStep” - last update 2005

*Objective-C Specific

* Definitive guide for the Objective-C Language. (highly recommended!) The version from the old NeXT days is archived here: Object-Oriented Programming AND The Objective-C Language.

Actually, this site merely reproduces the text of “The Objective-C Programming Language” found in PDF form in your Developer Tools Documentation. Is this the original version of this document??

* Objective-C Newsgroup

* Objective-C Beginner’s Guide

Cocoa documentation from AppleComputer.

StepWise, a variety of resources for Mac OS X programmers and administrators alike.

MacOsxDev mailing list, run by TheOmniGroup.

CocoaDevCentral is updated fairly frequently with tips, tricks, and tutorials (and more) for the “newbie” Cocoa developer.

Discussion of the disadvantages of using Cocoa with Java.

F-Script is the OpenSourceSoftware scripting environment for Cocoa.

A discussion list hosted by AppleComputer for Cocoa developers

* - Enterprise and Mobile Application Development Services.

Searchable archives for APPLE COCOA DEV and OMNIGROUP MACOSXDEV mailing lists. (used to be


Programming With Cocoa series of tutorials aimed at the newbie.


Programming utility using Cocoa and ODBC tutorials to access MySQL and MS SQL databases - RFID project - USB I/O Card with LCD display connected to a Mac and more stuff.


Source code examples of questions posted on either the cocoa-dev or MacOSX-Dev mailing lists. Constantly being updated. “Site reports this page cannot be found.”


Sure it’s in Japanese (I think), but you can still download the example projects and imagine how hard it would be to learn to program not knowing english.

Another Japanese site with some good example code.


A WikiWiki site dedicated to spreading the word about CFNetwork (CFSocket and CFStream) Doesn’t work for me. The address doesn’t resolve “This Domain Name is up for sale so its a good bet the operation is defunct.”


Search over the Omni mailing lists for MacOSX, EOF and WebObjects, all in one place.

Home of some useful open source frameworks such as EDInternet or MulleCipher as well as the popular Optimizing Objective-C article series for.

A forum dedicated to the optimization of Objective-C code.

* Mac-GUI-Dev is a mailing list for discussions about designing the user experience of Macintosh applications.- This includes installation and distribution and actual use of the application. The list’s main focus is on the design, though implementation discussions are tolerated.

*Offline Resources (no Cocoa/ObjC books please, put those in CocoaBooks)

*The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie

For all of your C programming needs, also not such a bad book to learn from. This book is the authority on C. Just make sure you get the Second Edition, which covers ANSI C. The old First Edition still covered so-called K&R C, which is old.

*Practical C Programming by Steve Oualline

An excellent intro to C programming for the beginner and newbie. Check it out at O’Reilly’s site:

*Freely Available E-Books for C Programming

Some of the best freely available E-Books for C programming. Get from:


More books about Cocoa Programming!

* - 38 Frequently asked questions with solutions.

* - Mac OS X software development services. Native application development using Cocoa frameworks.

* -Custom application development and services for Cocoa framework projects.

* - Mac OS X software developers. Apple Developer partner, driver and application developer.

* - Large collection of Cocoa Articles found around the net

* - Mac OS X software application development services.

* - Southwestern Company Internships for Cocoa framework projects.

* (scroll down for some made with Cocoa button images)

“Made with Cocoa” images that you can put on your applications.

For Carbon specific resources see CarbonResources