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This is a very preliminary page, for people who will be working on integrating Emacs/Scheme with MacOSX/Cocoa. I have no clue if this will take off.

Quick notes on getting started with MIT-Scheme (on other platforms):

MIT Scheme is at:

Scmutils (which makes MIT-Scheme useful) is at:

Useful to also have paredit:

To run MIT-Scheme from Emacs, add the following to your .emacs file:

(load “xscheme.el”)

(setq scheme-program-name “/usr/local/scmutils/mit-scheme/bin/scheme”)

(setq scheme-program-arguments “-large -heap 6000 -emacs -library /usr/local/scmutils/mit-scheme/lib”)

Restart emacs, and to start Scheme, run m-x run-scheme

To execute a command, c-x c-e. To executa a block, m-z.