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So here�s a riddle, what do iTunes, DVD Player, Xcode, FlySketch, NetNewsWire, MarsEdit and BBEdit all have in common?

Give up?

They all have a Script Menu.

CocoaScriptMenu is a reusable open source Script Menu implementation, used in NicePlayer.

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You can also use the Script Menu extra - per-application scripts can be displayed by placing them in an appropriate subfolder of (any Library)/Scripts

The Script Menu extra, unfortunately is not as per application as it sounds, the main disadvantage being that every other applications who has scripts installed is listed before the active applications scripts, making it quite inconvenient. It also is not useful for preset scripts to provide default functionality as it’s not explorable, as most users who don’t have the script menu enabled, and when it is enabled it’s not clear unless you open it that your current application has scripts. CocoaScriptMenu is a very much a classic Mac OS concept, however the Script Menu Extra was just the next step from the early Mac OS X global Script Runner and is really only well suited for tasks that aren’t clearly associated with one application in particular.