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Cocoa Sprite Kit is an “Artistic License” (very close to generic public source) 2D Sprite Gaming Kit for OS X. It handles user input, timing, graphics display, and collision detection.


If anyone wishes to add a review, that would be great.

I vote for scrolling, no matter how slow it is ;) – KentSutherland

I wrote it ;) It’s cool. Use it. Love it. and Scrolling is coming eventually. It’s on the top of that long list of things to do we have. – Vinay Venkatesh

Looks cool, but is it ever going to be released?

Is the CSK project closed? - MACnus

Actually I just checked in a HUGE HUGE HUGE set of changes. It now supports Scrolling AND Tiling. And all the drawing is now openGL

When does it appear to be finished?

When will be be able to see some example code for the newest CVS framework? I can build the existing examples, but they don’t do anything when run.

What happened to CocoaSpriteKit? - It moved to Even so, the latest build is from March, 2004

It’s now known as SpriteMagic, see

both SpriteMagic and CocoaSpriteKit domains seem to be dead now. any other contenders in this area?

Isn’t it trivial to build your “spite” system with Quartz and/or OpenGL? Perhaps there is no need for a Sprite Kit ? List some features of a Sprite Kit and perhaps I can identify the easiest and best ways to achieve those features with the existing frameworks.