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Here are some links to other web sites with Cocoa programming tutorials:

* Cocoa[Touch] Tutorials

* Various Cocoa Tutorials and tips

* Cocoa Tutorials

* A full tutorial on how to make Global Hotkeys for your Cocoa Applications.

* (obsolete link) HTMLEditorX - A new beginning.

* The Cocoa Files, by AndrewStone

* (obsolete link) Vermont Recipes, a Cocoa cookbook, hosted by StepWise.

* Various practical Cocoa tutorials.

* Programming With Cocoa series of tutorials aimed at the newbie.

* Constantly evolving series covering Cocoa from a scientist’s point-of-view. Also interesting for non-scientists.

* Currency Converter tutorial in Objective-C

* Temperature Converter tutorial in Java

* Apple sample Cocoa app technote

* (obsolete link) Some quick example code and some fun toys.

* Cocoa Bindings Examples and Hints.

* Some intro drawing samples, Game Of Life, NSSegmentedControl, and LineBreakByTruncating.

* A simple bindings tutorial

* An tutorial that focuses on the language features unique to Objective-C

* An in depth tutorial creating a Cocoa application to connect to a XML-RPC server.

* NSWindow and NSView Backgrounds Tutorial

* An introductory book on Objective-C and Cocoa

* Italian language tutorial on Objective-C and Cocoa

* Italian Video tutorial on Objective-C and Cocoa