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Describe CocoaWOMacOSXServerProblems here. Hello I’m a WebObjects developer of simple applications. The deployment of this application is done on a MacOS X Server 10.3.2 with Java 1.4.2 and WO 5.2.2. In some of that applications I use a class that use Cocoa API to resize user uploaded image… It works perfectly on Mac OS 10.3.2 (non server) when I develope but it doesn’t works in Mac OS X Server 10.3.2 when I deploy, the instance of the application quit unexpectly. On Mac OS X Server 10.2.8 it works perfectly… the problem appear to be when in the Cocoa class I invoke the method: NSApplication.sharedApplication()… Can you help me please?

Thank’you very much

Cocoa APIs Class

import; import; import*;

public class CocoaImageTools {

private static NSApplication app;

public static scaleImage( image, int maxWidth) {
	if (app==null) app = NSApplication.sharedApplication();
	float newWidth = 0;
	float newHeight = 0;
	int myPool = NSAutoreleasePool.push(); imageCData = new, image.length()));
	NSImage originalImage = new NSImage(imageCData);
	float widthOriginalImage = originalImage.size().width();
		float heightOriginalImage = originalImage.size().height();
		if (widthOriginalImage > heightOriginalImage){
			newHeight = (heightOriginalImage * maxWidth)/widthOriginalImage;
			newWidth = maxWidth;
			newHeight = maxWidth;
			newWidth = (widthOriginalImage * maxWidth)/heightOriginalImage;
		System.out.println("Calcolo dimensioni");

		NSImage thumbImage = new NSImage(new NSSize(newWidth, newHeight));
		NSGraphicsContext.currentContext() .setImageInterpolation(NSGraphicsContext.ImageInterpolationHigh);
		originalImage.drawInRect(new NSRect(0,0,newWidth, newHeight), new  NSRect(0,0,originalImage.size().width(), originalImage.size().height()), NSImage.CompositeSourceOver, 1.0f);
		thumbImage.unlockFocus(); result;
		result = jpegImageData(thumbImage);
		return result;
} .... }

You may not be able to attach to the windowserver from the daemon if it was launched in a different context (the bootstrap context in this case, probably). I suggest you find some other Java image manipulation library that doesn’t rely on a connection to the windowserver.

– FinlayDobbie