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This is a NSCollectionView like class that works on Tiger. It derives directly from NSView. I tried to customize NSTableView but there were too many bugs with drag/drop and scrollbars for it too work. If you don’t need those features then you might want to start there first (see ). –SaileshAgrawal

This is written specifically with the requirements I had in mind. It has the following features and limitations hard coded into it:

Remember that this is mostly sample code. Feel free to use it any way you like but there will likely be some bugs in it.


#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@class TigerCollectionViewItem;

@protocol TigerCollectionViewTarget


@interface TigerCollectionView : NSView { IBOutlet id target; NSMutableArray *items; BOOL needsLayout; }


@interface TigerCollectionViewItem : NSView { BOOL isSelected; NSPoint mouseDownPos; int dragTargetType; NSMutableDictionary *cachedTextColors; } @end


#import “TigerCollectionView.h”

static const float DRAG_START_DISTANCE = 10; static const float DRAG_IMAGE_ALPHA = 0.5; static NSString * const DRAG_ITEM_TYPE = @”TigerCollectionViewDragType”;

typedef enum { DragTargetType_None, DragTargetType_Top, DragTargetType_Bottom, } DragTargetType;

@interface TigerCollectionView (Private)

// Override NSView

// Internal methods


@interface TigerCollectionViewItem (Private)

// Override NSView

// Internal methods


static float PointDistance(NSPoint start, NSPoint end) { float deltaX = end.x - start.x; float deltaY = end.y - start.y; return sqrt(deltaX * deltaX + deltaY * deltaY); }

@implementation TigerCollectionView

@end // TigerCollectionView

@implementation TigerCollectionView (Private)

@end // TigerCollectionView (Private)

@implementation TigerCollectionViewItem

@end // TigerCollectionViewItem

@implementation TigerCollectionViewItem (Private)

@end // [[TigerCollectionViewItem (Private)