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Hello, how would I go about putting a ColorWell in a TableView column? Do I need to subclass NSActionCell somehow? Thanks allot for any help you can provide!

Yes I guess you would have to subclass NSActionCell and create your own color well cell since NSColorWell is one of the few NSControl classes that does not use a cell for it’s internal workings.

It would be nice if someone could post a tutorial (or a link to one) on creating your own controls with a cell counterpart (ideally complete with a IB-palette). I just get confused by all the methods in the relevant classes that I don’t really know where to begin.I can make it work but don’t really know how to make it work the way it should work… -Gabbe

Well, tell us how you’ve done it and we’ll comment and eventually refactor down to a tutorial. It’s the spirit of Wiki! – KritTer

Here is how I have done this:

@interface MyColorCell : NSCell @end

@implementation MyColorCell

// Draw the rectangle:


// Nice and simple. Neo

Yeah, I guess we could now comment and refactor :)

Although staring at it, I’m impressed by its author. How does it work?

– [[KritTer

Whoa. Where’s the cell’s represented object getting set? I assume that must be done externally… I figure if you’re creating a new cell anyhow, you might as well make the colour be an ivar and leave -representedObject in ClientSpace like it’s supposed to be.

– RobRix

I have a basic implementation of a ColorWellCell here:

–Lakshmi Vyas