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I am interested in copying files to an iPod when it’s NOT in disk mode. Any way to go about doing this? Using Apple’s sample USBNotificationTool, I can get my app to recognize when an iPod is plugged in or disconnected, but that’s about it. How do I copy something to a USB device?

I don’t have an answer for you, I’m afraid, but I’m intrigued. What is it, specifically, about disk mode that you want to avoid? I ask because it strikes me that you could easily end up re-implementing an awful lot of functionality that is already provided by disk-mode just to make this work.

You have to mount the iPod first, then copy files to it like normal, then unmount. This is how the iPod.framework does it (which is what iTunes uses).

Even on the iPod touch?

The iPod touch doesn’t support disk mode, AFAIK.

That’s what I thought. Consequently, I need to figure out another way of copying files to it…

Here’s a guy that wrote a kext to get his phone to show up as a USB device: Think the same thing would be possible?

I believe that the file system on the touch is encrypted, and not open just hidden as on earlier iPods. At the time of writing (Oct 11. 07) I have heard that the touch scheme has been cracked but so far no-one has written any utilities to exploit it to actually transfer files. More info here: –GC