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Is this is a bug in CoreData or is its just something to be aware of.

I have entities called Person and SpouseRel. A Person may have many spousal relationships (SpouseRels). A SpouseRel must have 2 partners (may be the same sex). A SpouseRel may also be related to <0:M> Events (marriage, separation, divorce, etc). I thus have a many-to-many relationship between Person and SpouseRel and CoreData handles that very nicely too.

When I add spouse to a person I insert a new SpouseRel into my ManagedObjectContext and then add personA and personB to the set of the SpouseRel’s partners using:

spouseRel mutableSetValueForKey:@”partners”] addObjectsFromArray:[[[NSArray arrayWithObjects:personA, personB, nil]];

But later on ** within the same event loop ** I ask for the reverse of the relationship using:

[person mutableSetValueForKey:@”spouseRels”] and I get an empty set returned.

So is it true that for a many-to-many relationship I cannot assume that the reverse relationships exist until the end of the current event loop? Where in the documenatation does it explain this? (Have I missed it again?)

Regards, Keith from DownUnder, 24 Nov 05

Try sending the processPendingChanges message to your NSManagedObjectContext. It’s in the documentation somewhere…I can’t find it right now.