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I am creating a little program that has this data structure:

Client {name, arrayOfTasks} //name is string, array of tasks

Task {name, arrayOfTimeStamps} //name is string, array of timestamps

timestamps{starttime, stoptime} //nsdate type }

That is the basic structure: Clients have tasks, tasks have timestamps. Everything works great when I use arraycontrollers with tables and bindings. What I’ve tried to do is bind the same arraycontrollers with popupmenus instead of tableviews.

Client Popup -> (after selection) Task Popup -> Display TimeStamps in a Table

Seems simple enough to me, but the popupmenus don’t generate the proper updating, so after selecting a client from the client popup the task popup is not updated.

I thought I could implement a custom controller, which I can’t figure out what to override.

I also tried using outlets, so I am receiving from the popup, but I am ignorant to how to access my information in core data. I first tried this in the popupaction

But wow that is ugly, and though it did work, it was very clunky and I didn’t understand why it worked. So I am setting out to find the right answer. I think part of it is using the managedObjectContext, but how?? How do I as managedObjectContext

managedObjectContext = [[NSApp delegate] managedObjectContext];

Thanks for any help.