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Ok, total novice, non programmer here but trying to learn. I am following the guide lines from these two tutorials: and

I made a basic core data document based application. I made one entity with 12 attributes. I then just made a simple table based interface for keeping track of photographic images.

This application works fine and there is nothing really wrong with it, it just wont print when i select print from the menu bar. I do not know how to link this to the core data document application. I need to use the core data document based application because i am accessing the file over a network, versus just the core data app (that one prints).

I have not made any changes to the project files that were generated by xcode, except for the files .xcdatamodel file where i placed my entity.

Any help on getting the mainmenu.nib and mydocument.nib to be able to link to one another so i can print this would be most helpful and appreciated. This is my own project for tracking my photos and is not a commercial project.

Your confusion starts by thinking Core Data has anything at all to do with printing. Focus on: 1) Learning how to print anything at all (and get good at it) … then … 2) How to retrieve your data programatically from a Core Data store. Once you master those two, just put them together to get your data, then print it, just like it were a non-core-data app. FWIW, this has been discussed to death on the cocoa-dev mailing list at … searching the archives will get you quick answers. —-