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/* Call no# args arg type

CGSEndContext		1 argument	?			int				-- possibly unneeded by CGContextFlush
CGSFlushContext		1 argument 	?			int				-- use CGContextFlush instead
CGSImage			2 arguments	?, ?			int , int
CGContextSetAlpha		1 argument 	?			int
CGSScaleCTM			2 arguments	?, ?			float, float
CGSTranslateCTM		2 arguments 	?, ?			float, float
CGSSetGStateAttribute	3 arguments	?, ?, ?			int,int,int
CGSUniqueCString		1 argument	?			int 		(constant 0x1fa8)
CGSReadObjectFromCString	1 argument	?			int		(constant 0x2140)
CGSClearContext		1 argument	?			int
CGSGetWindowAlpha		3 argument	?,?,?			int,int,int
CGSPutBooleanForCStringKey	3 arguments	?,?,?			int,int,int
CGSPutIntegerForCStringKey	3 arguments	?,?,?			int,int,int
CGSCreateDictionary		1 argument	?			int
CGSReleaseWindow		2 arguments	?,?			int,int    -- deprecated? use CGContextRelease?
CGSSetWindowWarp		5 arguments	?,?,?,?,?		int,int,int,int,int
CGSSetBackgroundEventMaskAndShape 3 args	?,?,?			int,int,int
CGSInputModifierKeyState	2 arguments	?,?			int,int 	(const arg1=0,arg2=variable)
CGSGetScreenRectForWindow	1(2?) arguments ?,(?)			int,(int)
CGSSetFillPattern		2 args		?,?			int,int
CGSCurrentInputPointerPosition 1 args	?			int
CGSSetWindowClipShape	3 arguments	?,?,?			int,int,int
CGSGetScreenRectForWindow	2 arguments	?,?			int,int
CGSGetWindowFlushSeed	3 arguments	?,?,?			int,int,int
CGSGetCurrentCursorLocation 1 argument	?			int */

#ifndef _CGS_HACK_H #define _CGS_HACK_H

#include <Carbon/Carbon.h> /* for ProcessSerialNumber */

typedef void *CGSConnectionID; typedef void *CGSValueObj; typedef void *CGSRegionObj; typedef void *CGSBoundingShapeObj;

typedef enum _CGSWindowOrderingMode { kCGSOrderAbove = 1, kCGSOrderBelow = -1, kCGSOrderOut = 0 } CGSWindowOrderingMode;

#define kCGSNullConnectionID ((CGSConnectionID)0)

extern CGSConnectionID _CGSDefaultConnection(void);

extern void CGSReenableUpdate(CGSConnectionID cid); extern void CGSDisableUpdate(CGSConnectionID cid);

extern OSStatus CGSSetWindowTransforms(const CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID *wid, CGAffineTransform *transform, int n); extern OSStatus CGSSetWindowTransform(const CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGAffineTransform transform);

extern OSStatus CGSGetWindowTransform(const CGSConnectionID, CGWindowID wid, CGAffineTransform *outTransform);

// questionable, partly guessed IIRC. extern OSStatus CGSSetSharedWindowState(const CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGSValueObj boolean); extern OSStatus CGSSetWindowAlpha(const CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, float alpha);

extern OSStatus CGSSetWindowProperty(const CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGSValueObj key, CGSValueObj value);

extern CGSValueObj CGSCreateCString(char *string); extern CGSValueObj CGSCreateBoolean(Boolean bool); extern void CGSReleaseGenericObj(CGSValueObj obj);

extern OSStatus CGSOrderWindow(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGSWindowOrderingMode place, CGWindowID relativeToWindowID /* can be NULL */);

extern void CGSNewRegionWithRect(const CGRect *aRectangle, CGSRegionObj *outRegionObj); extern OSStatus CGSReleaseRegion(CGSRegionObj); extern void CGSGetRegionBounds(const CGSRegionObj aRegion, CGRect *outRect);

extern void CGSSetWindowOpacity(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, void* opacity /* kCGSFalse, is that a CGSValueObj or standard char? */);

extern OSStatus CGSNewConnection(void something / can be NULL, parent connection? */, CGSConnectionID *outID); extern OSStatus CGSReleaseConnection(CGSConnectionID cid); extern void CGSInitialize();

extern OSStatus CGSGetConnectionIDForPSN(const CGSConnectionID cid, ProcessSerialNumber *psn, CGSConnectionID *out);

// random hack constants for CGSSetDebugOptions #define kCGSDebugOptionNormal 0 #define kCGSDebugOptionNoShadows 16384 #define kCGSHDumpWindowInfoToFile (0x8000«16)|1

extern OSStatus CGSSetDebugOptions(unsigned long);

// only works if you kill the dock, then stops dock from relaunching extern OSStatus CGSSetUniversalOwner(const CGSConnectionID cid, int); // apparently a nop extern OSStatus CGSSetOtherUniversalConnection(const CGSConnectionID cid);

extern OSStatus CGSGetScreenRectForWindow(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGRect *outRect); extern OSStatus CGSMoveWindow(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGPoint *aPoint);

extern OSStatus CGSGetWindowLevel(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGWindowLevel *level); extern OSStatus CGSGetWindowBounds(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGRect *bounds);

extern CGWindowID CGSDesktopWindow(void);

extern OSStatus CGSSetWindowLevel(CGSConnectionID cid, CGWindowID wid, CGWindowLevel level);

#endif /* _CGS_HACK_H */

I removed the CGSWindowID type, as it’s actually the same as the CGWindowID type that’s publicly defined. -JonathanGrynspan